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Review: Stranger than Fiction

November 27, 2006

Today I saw Stranger than Fiction. Sometimes you get tricked by the trailers and expect one thing – but get another. Not so with this film. I got exactly what the trailer promised, but I also got something unexpected, a new appreciation of the english language. The writing in this film was fantastic. It’s unfortunate that some people who see this film will probably find themselves puzzled more than once due to the language used, but I am glad that Zach Helm gave his characters so much to say and allowed them to say it so well. I went looking for a screenplay writer after the film, but there was only a script supervisor. Zach Helm wrote an interesting story – but also gave his characters life and interesting things to say.

The film was full of interesting shots and excellent angles. The perfectly framed shot through the window into thebakery, the rain on the muffin, and the interestingcissual annotations at the beginning of the film all gave me something to look at and think on. The images worked together with the story and the dialogue to create a cohesive whole.

The film does leave us with some questions – but it also leaves us with a sense of hope. Before the actual end of the film it showed us that one man can change, and through that change still be willing to sacrifice himself for something good – and now that sacrifice would mean something more than it had before. Then at the end of the film we were left knowing that other people could sacrifice as well – and that perhaps our selfless sacrifices are not always sacrifices. Instead the willingness to sacrifice can make us the kind of person that can be and should be saved.