Clueless or intentionally blind?

I found this story on Evilavatar that linked to an IGN article about the Wii and Tony Hawk’s downhill Skater. In the article they mention that Nintendo will not be giving the online libraries and data to 3rd party developers until early 2007. Why? Did they not notice how many people are enjoying Live? Did they not notice how many different things there are to do on Live? I do not have anXbox or an Xbox 360, but whenever I play with one I have a lot of fun with the Live features. This really ought to be a no brainer – make online work, quickly!

How many people have time to go to their friend’s house and play a game with them? I am willing to bet there are more people who would play with their friendsonline. What has Nintendo been doing in the last 2 years? Completely ignoring their competition and the fact that online is not only a possibility, but important to many people?

WiiConnect24 has been advertised as an online service. While the heads of Nintendo may not be planning an Xbox Live type service they should realize that their customer base expects it to be the same thing. When people bring home their newWiis and discover that WiiConnect does not offer online play and a myriad other services that Live does – they will be very disappointed. This disappointment will translate into lost sales – and possibly returned consoles.

Is Nintendo trying to fail? I love Nintendo systems and I have been planning on purchasing a Wii at release – but I am starting to wonder if what I envisioned in my mind for the Wii is true. By announcing an online service, but seeming to not address what appears to be fundamental differences between their service and the defining online service (Live) Nintendo is setting themselves and their customers up for disappointment.


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