Thinking and Clones

Most people can’t grasp that other people are different from them. People look at others and see someone who thinks like them. This is why the liar thinks everyone lies, the thief sees everyone else as a thief. We can say we can respect other’s differences of opinion, but our actions betray the fact that we think those around us think the same we do, and that they have similar goals and beliefs even when they obviously don’t. It takes a great effort of will to act as if those around us don’t have the same thinking patterns – just as people say “I respect their beliefs” but then act as if these “others” have the exact same value system. How hard is it for those of us who are conservative to truly allow those who do not believe as we do to live in peace? On the other hand, why do the self confessed liberals seem to think the conservatives are so terrible? Why is it that even those who are supposed to be liberal speak and act in ways that attempt to force their, the liberal’s I mean, views and opinions on the conservatives?

Most people who are “liberal” really are conservative, but just with a few different assumptions. How many people exist that really are liberal and willing to live and let live? I don’t find myself in that group. The only truly open people I have seen are in books where the world is artificially constrained. It’s only a tightly closed and filtered environment that it becomes possible to completely free oneself from all prejudices.

Instead of whining about how hard it is to be pure we need to acknowledge the differences around us and try to not be jerks.

Back to the point – people think differently. If you can figure that out, life gets much simpler. No longer is someone deliberately trying to ruin your life – they are just doing their thing. You can’t make them do something – but if you understand why they do things you can understand to get someone to do something for you. That sounds dirty and manipulative – but what isn’t? Doing something for someone because you love them? What is it they did to earn that love? You could say that they did not do this for that reason – but either way it works. Why not recognize that? Understanding others makes life easier for you and for them.


One Response to “Thinking and Clones”

  1. charisty Says:

    That’s an interesting point – I’m not sure being manipulative is an inherently bad trait. I don’t think charisma or affability are much different from manipulation, except the slight connotations each word carries. In the end, you’re still trying to convince someone of your viewpoint or course of action, usually an approach that benefits yourself.

    I think you’re right. Few people are truly liberal. A live and let live attitude goes against the basic structure of society.

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