Why is it that we seek peace only in solitude? I was listening to a song today called Beautiful World by Colin Hay that left me feeling utterly relaxed. The song itself created a calm atmosphere – but it seemed to describe different parts of life that involved some kind of isolation – whether it be driving away, swimming away, leaving a party early, not participating in the party activities. He also brings up Jesus – and even Jesus was unavailable. In my head I see the steep cliffs of northern california and I imagine being there, the cool spray wafting through the air. Everything inside me is calm and peaceful, even though the ocean nearby may not be. Why is it that these peaceful feelings only seem to come when I am alone, or when I imagine I am alone. Is this my own personal flaw, or is this something inherent in everyone? I always imagine driving to the sea, or the mountains late in the evening and seeing the stars or the lights of the city from far away – and I think that yes, this would be peaceful. But, it seems to me, that someone who is at peace with his own life would be able to acheive this sense of contentment and peace without needing to travel to a place where his own thoughts are the only things around.

Can we really only hear ourselves when there is nothing else to hear? Why is it that the “natural” sounds don’t seem to intrude upon these thoughts but man made sounds destroy our ability to focus? Perhaps it is something we choose – there is no fundamental difference in these noises – but we have trained ourselves to pay attention to them. If we could learn to not focus so tightly on the man sounds around us – we could relax and concentrate wherever we are. This would be especially on a plane – when that guy next to you will not shut up.


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