Clerks 2

Sequels are seen as inevitable today. Kevin Smith even jumped on the bandwagon with Clerks 2. The film was interesting – at the end there was a moral of sorts. The commercials have not been focusing too heavily on this fact, but instead keep bringing up the Donkey Show. It’s too bad – while the movie does rotate around this show as a major plot point, it is not quite as bad as people expect – and the ending of the film actually brings closure to Dante and Randall and their relationship. Without revealing the end of the film, the message seems to be “Decide what is important – and do that.” If friends are important to you, you need to focus on them and just work to pay the bills. There’s nothing wrong with this – most people seem to think you have to work somewhere that you like and want to be or else your life will suck. You can’t spend 12 hours a day having your soul crushed out of you and expect to be happy, but just getting by is possible – if you have something else you value at home. Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it having enough to do what does make you happy helps. If what you really enjoy doesn’t pay well – find some people you do like working with who share your interests and then work on something that pays well enough. You may find that in the long run there is a way to combine what you like with what you do – and then life is gravy.


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