I’ve come to realize writing something worthwhile actually requires effort!

Just throwing words together on a page is fairly easy – but the knowledge that someone might read it (especially if told people I know about the page) makes me want to actually go to some effort to create something worth reading. For example, when writing the last movie review I actually felt like I needed to analyze the film in some way, not just say I liked it. Perhaps I can find someone to pay me to do this……. that would be nice.

The Hatton’s have always been interested in writing. I believe one of my great aunts actually published something once upon a time. My father kept writing magazines around the house (mostly with articles about writing, or getting published). I wrote Haiku in high school, and often think to myself that I should write. The ideas are always the hardest thing to come by. When I read a book, or watch a movie, I often think I could have thought of that. The thing is, I didn’t, and I don’t seem to have original ideas. They always seem to be the old ones again. Heinlein said, in several of his novels, fiction is only filing the serial numbers off of old stories and putting new ones on. People don’t want new and different, they just want the same old stuff all over again.

I think people are that way – but learning what to write and how to write it is still a difficult task.


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