Hitchhiker’s, the movie.
Lots of fans seem to be very unhappy with how this movie turned out. I’ve seen it twice, and while I can see their points (specifically – jokes missing pieces) overall I’d say it was an excellent film. It is one of the better book to film adaptations I have seen, and I enjoyed it. Some of the scenery was phenomenal, especially the construction area. The little crabs were hilarious.
The guide entries were quite excellent, and the animation in the guide was quite amusing.

The actors did fairly well, although I was disappointed that Tricia McMillan became rather plain. She didn’t seem to be the intelligent astrophysicist. She may have been, but she never seemed to get that chance to show whether or not she was intelligent (other than Darwin and the Beagle). Mos Def did an excellent job, although he was not quite the Ford I envisioned. However, his interpretation of Ford was quite enjoyable.

Sadly, I find myself wishing I had a pocket watch similar to the small black device Ford pulls out of his pocket in the bar. I don’t think anyone will make one, but it would look very nice. You could even build in an MP3 player or something if you really wanted to – if it made it more marketable (and thus brought my dream one step closer to reality) I’d be all for it.

I would also like a cool little thumb ring – but that should be easier to acquire.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, while not entirely faithful to the book, did retain Douglas Adams’ style and was an excellent film.


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