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Star Wars

May 18, 2005

It’s almost time to leave for Star Wars – too bad I don’t have anyone else to go with. It’s no fun lining up for a movie when there is no one else to line up with. Maybe I should have gone to California (not for the movie, but for the fun of waiting in line with everyone). Of course, I would have had to choose between waiting with Rachel and Chris^2 or with Jeff and his family.
Oh well,
Off to see the geeks!



May 11, 2005

Hope, like a rare flower, blossoms in the wilderness of despair. I have training for Chrysalis tomorrow, and an interview for the memory chip testing job. Earlier today I was feeling pretty down, partly because of a phone call where the caller had tried to cheer me up but only depressed me further.
When people start pointing out your predicament – even if they are trying to be helpful – they can make it worse. I had been surviving by partially ignoring my situation while still trying to resolve it. Rather than feel the full weight of sadness, I tried to keep it light and carefree. While the advice I received was good, the conversation only served to illustrate how I was floundering in a sea of confusion.

Those who would do good must weigh the consequences of their actions – those who don’t care have it easy.

MIssed post?

May 10, 2005

Argh, I missed a day – although, it is still tuesday in California (well, everywhere west of Mountain time but east of the international date line).

The Job Hunt

May 9, 2005

Ah, the lovely search for gainful employment. I thought it was bad before – I found a job of sorts, but it’s not really what I was looking for. The pay is poor, the hours are strange. I’m not sure I want to get into this – but I need the money and the experience would be good. It just seems like I am locking myself into a place I don’t want to be. I guess I can’t really lock myself in – but I don’t want to sign up, start the training and then quit. If it is the best thing for me (and Rachel) then that’s what I should do – I just feel bad about it. The thing is – I feel bad about something I don’t even know I am going to do. It sounds rather stupid, but its true.

Your pace

May 8, 2005

“Go at your own pace, that’s what it’s there for.”
Peter (Vince Vaughn) – Dodgeball.

Once more, I discover little nuggets of wisdom in the strangest places. Trying to live up to what other people around are doing only leads to frustration – setting goals for yourself and acheiving them is good. Being unhappy because you aren’t one of those other people – that makes life difficult.

Perhaps one day, I will find my style.


May 7, 2005

Rain continues to fall. I had no idea Provo could be so rainy. The summers are supposed to be hot, but right now things are cool and wet. It gets sunny for a bit, then the clouds return. The cool weather is nice though.

Rain is so odd – sometimes it creates these feelings of sadness and despair in me, other times it makes me feel free and open. I really enjoy those exhilirating feelings. Maybe the rain only serves as a catalyst for my current feelings – rather than creating feelings in me.

Either way, the drops still feel nice.


May 7, 2005

I’ve come to realize writing something worthwhile actually requires effort!

Just throwing words together on a page is fairly easy – but the knowledge that someone might read it (especially if told people I know about the page) makes me want to actually go to some effort to create something worth reading. For example, when writing the last movie review I actually felt like I needed to analyze the film in some way, not just say I liked it. Perhaps I can find someone to pay me to do this……. that would be nice.

The Hatton’s have always been interested in writing. I believe one of my great aunts actually published something once upon a time. My father kept writing magazines around the house (mostly with articles about writing, or getting published). I wrote Haiku in high school, and often think to myself that I should write. The ideas are always the hardest thing to come by. When I read a book, or watch a movie, I often think I could have thought of that. The thing is, I didn’t, and I don’t seem to have original ideas. They always seem to be the old ones again. Heinlein said, in several of his novels, fiction is only filing the serial numbers off of old stories and putting new ones on. People don’t want new and different, they just want the same old stuff all over again.

I think people are that way – but learning what to write and how to write it is still a difficult task.


May 7, 2005

Hitchhiker’s, the movie.
Lots of fans seem to be very unhappy with how this movie turned out. I’ve seen it twice, and while I can see their points (specifically – jokes missing pieces) overall I’d say it was an excellent film. It is one of the better book to film adaptations I have seen, and I enjoyed it. Some of the scenery was phenomenal, especially the construction area. The little crabs were hilarious.
The guide entries were quite excellent, and the animation in the guide was quite amusing.

The actors did fairly well, although I was disappointed that Tricia McMillan became rather plain. She didn’t seem to be the intelligent astrophysicist. She may have been, but she never seemed to get that chance to show whether or not she was intelligent (other than Darwin and the Beagle). Mos Def did an excellent job, although he was not quite the Ford I envisioned. However, his interpretation of Ford was quite enjoyable.

Sadly, I find myself wishing I had a pocket watch similar to the small black device Ford pulls out of his pocket in the bar. I don’t think anyone will make one, but it would look very nice. You could even build in an MP3 player or something if you really wanted to – if it made it more marketable (and thus brought my dream one step closer to reality) I’d be all for it.

I would also like a cool little thumb ring – but that should be easier to acquire.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, while not entirely faithful to the book, did retain Douglas Adams’ style and was an excellent film.